Why state lawmakers should stay out of local zoning laws

During my time on the City of Sierra Vista planning & zoning commission I was skeptical of changes to zoning and building code amendments that made it much easier to build an Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU) in a single family residential zone.  An Auxiliary Dwelling Unit is a fancy term for what we used to […]

A Challenge to Arizona Democrats

Here is an interesting challenge to Democrats in Arizona as well as other “red” or “purple” states. How to win! I’m going to quote directly from this opinion piece. “We know Democrats often forget about state races until Election Day comes and then quickly move on from the lessons learned in those campaigns. We urge […]

[Public] Cochise County School Superintendent’s Culinary Challenge – November 23, 2019

First-ever Cochise County School Superintendent’s Culinary Challenge today at the Sierra Vista Mall!  This sounds like fun. A “cook-off” between students from Buena, Douglas. St. David and Tombstone high schools’ culinary arts programs.  The culinary arts programs for high school students shows how PUBLIC schools are transforming their curriculum to be relevant for today’s economies and the […]