Campaigns are about focusing on issues that resonate with voters.  What is important rather than noteworthy.  This page includes major issues that will be part of my campaign for Arizona State Senate.  The list (or platform) may grow and change as the campaign unfolds.  Events tend to drive the dialog of a campaign.

12/4/19:  This is the list as of today, issues that made me decide to run for state senate.  Links will be added to more in depth discussion of each issue as I move forward.

  • Provide first class PUBLIC schools for all Arizona children
  • Lower the cost of college
  • Invest in rural communities' infrastructure
  • Create sustainable economic growth that results in good jobs & paychecks for workers in rural Arizona while protecting the environment
  • Protect water resources throughout Arizona
  • Formulate and pass sensible, effective gun control legislation that makes us safer
  • Expand affordable comprehensive healthcare for all residents in Arizona
  • Reverse tax breaks & credits for special interests.
  • Stop state interference with local government

Posts to this page will be added that will provide more detail.

Why state lawmakers should stay out of local zoning laws

During my time on the City of Sierra Vista planning & zoning commission I was skeptical of changes to zoning and building code amendments that made it much easier to build an Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU) in a single family residential zone.  An Auxiliary Dwelling Unit is a fancy term for what we used to […]