News and background information on issues of interest to people in southeastern Arizona and Arizona Senate LD14.  Many of the links here are to major news organizations, some may be behind paywalls.

Money for Rural Arizona Roads? – Not so much

There is a lot to be appalled by in this article.  The huge amount of dollars spent to build this highway.  How funding was provided by a mix of federal, state, and county monies, yet there is no money for small projects in rural southeastern Arizona.  But what really got me was a comment from […]

Dry Wells in Willcox Basin

A growing number of families have been struggling with dry wells in the farming towns around Willcox in southeastern Arizona. Groundwater levels have been dropping for years as large cattle operations, dairies, cornfields, pistachio groves and other farms have pumped out billions of gallons of groundwater.  The water crisis in Arizona reaches from the northern […]

Federal Immigration Policy Affects Arizona Economy

Immigration enforcement is not simply a matter of humane treatment of asylum seekers.  Trump administration policy at the border is having a negative impact on a vital source of revenue for cities in southeastern Arizona.  According to USA Today story, wait times rose to as much as ll hours during the Thanksgiving holiday period because […]