A Challenge to Arizona Democrats

Andy Beshear & John Bel Edwards From the Washington Post

Here is an interesting challenge to Democrats in Arizona as well as other "red" or "purple" states. How to win! I'm going to quote directly from this opinion piece.

"We know Democrats often forget about state races until Election Day comes and then quickly move on from the lessons learned in those campaigns. We urge Democrats to focus on, care about and invest more in state races..."  "Talk about health care, education and jobs."

As a candidate, I will propose a plan to increase smart, responsible economic growth that will bring good jobs to our area.  I will argue that the best investment this state can make is in first-class PUBLIC schools for ALL children.  There is much more to discuss during the campaign.  As Democrats we must say that we are the values party and not be distracted or defensive about who we are and what believe.

Democrats need to field great candidates in every office and then they need to support those candidates.

Read more in the Washington Post column written by Andy Beshear (D) is the governor-elect of Kentucky. John Bel Edwards (D) is the governor of Louisiana.

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