GOP Education Plan?

Rep. John Fillmore, R-Apache Junction, has filed a bill, HB2017 with the reference title " schools; pledge; quiet reflection" attempting to make it more difficult for students to opt out of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance each day in school, or having a moment of "quiet reflection".  I seem to remember the quiet reflection idea was to allow a moment of prayer in the schools.  We have been down this path before.  Ignoring real issues that face public schools in Arizona, and instead attempting to legislate behavior to the wishes of conservatives.

Governor Ducey is on record saying it's "a good idea for Arizona students to recite it daily."

I think it's a better idea to be concerned that Arizona public school students have one of the highest student to teacher ratios in the nation, schools in desperate need of basic maintenance, rural schools struggling with not enough AP classes offered.  Parents and students can make informed decisions about the desire to participate in reciting the pledge.  That's what parents are for!  A student shouldn't be forced to "opt out."

Why are Republicans in the legislature more interested in the flag and displaying "In God We Trust" in the classroom than student achievement?

As a candidate I support first-class PUBLIC schools for all children in the state.  My focus will be our children, not winning some ideological or cultural battle.  I only hope that this session of the legislature is more serious about education than Representative Fillmore is.

The Arizona Republic has more about this on the website.  (It may be behind a paywall.)

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