Dry Wells in Willcox Basin

Reporting from Local Newspapers in Southeastern Arizona

A growing number of families have been struggling with dry wells in the farming towns around Willcox in southeastern Arizona. Groundwater levels have been dropping for years as large cattle operations, dairies, cornfields, pistachio groves and other farms have pumped out billions of gallons of groundwater.  The water crisis in Arizona reaches from the northern most part of the state right down to our area in southeastern Arizona.  State leadership has struggled to get a consensus on what how to meet the challenge as local efforts to change rules have failed.

Arizona media, particularly print media, has been reporting on this issue regularly for several years.  Now that there is added momentum locally in Cochise county to begin to forge a solution, it is a good time to revisit some reporting.

This post will be updated with additional reporting as it becomes available.  Links are below.

Arizona Republic 12/05/19
Arizona Republic 12/10/19
Herald/Review 11/29/19
Here is another view from Philip Bashaw is the CEO of Arizona Farm Bureau. Reach him at philbashaw@azfb.org.  12/30/19  (Note:  This opinion piece argues that industrial farms are a source of investment, jobs and water conservation.  I will have a response in another post in 2020)
Update on 10/14/2020:  Herald/Review - Fissures and land subsidence in northeastern area of Cochise County

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