Money for Rural Arizona Roads? – Not so much

Commentary by Bob Karp

There is a lot to be appalled by in this article.  The huge amount of dollars spent to build this highway.  How funding was provided by a mix of federal, state, and county monies, yet there is no money for small projects in rural southeastern Arizona.  But what really got me was a comment from Michael Bidwill, owner of the Arizona Cardinals:

Others at the event had their own take on the merits of the project, including Michael Bidwill, owner of the Arizona Cardinals. He said the freeway will cut the time it takes people from certain parts of the Phoenix area to drive to his team’s stadium in Glendale. - as reported by Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services  Dec 20, 2019

The Arizona Cardinals organization is certainly focused on their needs.  But the Cardinals were not the only business directly benefiting from this massive taxpayer funded project.

Also present was Stephen Roe Lewis, governor of the Gila River Indian Community, which got the project altered part-way through construction to create a new exit to funnel traffic to his tribe’s Vee Quiva casino and resort. -  as reported by Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services  Dec 20, 2019

The governor said there was a need for the highway because of the state's booming economy.  What he really meant was the booming economy for Maricopa county.  What about the economy of LD14?  What does the governor and our LD14 elected officials have to say about the "booming" economy here?

This continues to anger me and I worry that it will only get worse with the 2020 reapportionment. Rural Arizona continues to get short changed with little done to build road and highway infrastructure. Our state elected officials for southeastern Arizona are more interested in being big shots in Phoenix than representing the interests of the people who work and live in the area.

If elected, I will push back on big-ticket infrastructure budget items that focus on the Phoenix area, while the governor pleads poverty when it comes to rural Arizona. I will work with the rural caucus of the Democratic Party and hopefully with those in the Republican party that represent rural interests to make sure our needs become a top priority when it comes to infrastructure investments.

Read more about this issue at Eastern Arizona Courier website - More money for Roads ... In Phoenix .

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