Running as a Clean Elections Candidate

Why I'm Running as a Clean Elections Candidate

Short answer:  I need the money!  In the general election I am up against an entrenched career Republican politician who easily raises money from special interest groups through PACs and individual contributions. Clean elections allows public financing of my campaign and levels the playing field to some extend.  The amount that I will get for both the primary and general election is approximately $45,000.  It allows me to be competitive, but still puts me potentially at a financial disadvantage.  In past elections my general election opponent has spent on average about $65,000.

The reality is that it is almost impossible for me to raise that kind of money from individuals during the course of the campaign.  Another factor is that I believe in trying to get large donor money out of our state elections.  If candidates from all parties agreed to running as "clean elections" candidates we could make a significant step towards the goal of getting money out of Arizona legislative elections.


You Can Help - I need 240 $5 Qualifying Contributions

If you are a registered voter of any party in LD14 (Cochise, Graham, Greenlee counties, or the Vail area of Pima county) you can give a $5 qualifying contribution t my campaign  on line.

  1. You will need your Arizona driver's license
  2. Click on this link to go to the Arizona Secretary of State's E-qual election web page.
  3. Click on the Contribute a $5 qualifying Contribution button and follow the instructions.

Thank you.

For more information about Clean Elections candidates, please read the information below.

About Clean Elections' Public Campaign Financing

Candidates for Arizona state office can run as either traditional (funding) or clean elections candidate.  Clean elections candidates can get campaign funds from the clean elections commission with certain restrictions as to the amount of additional donations they can raise and how much money they can spend in the primary and general elections.  To qualify for funding, clean elections candidates must get a certain amount of $5 contributions from registered voters from the district in which they are running.  For LD14 it is 200 individual $5 qualified contributions.   For participating clean elections candidates there are restrictions on how much money you can raise from individuals as well as how much a candidate can donate to their own campaign.  For 2020 individuals can donate no more than $170 dollars and the candidate can donate to their campaign no more than $770.  The total raised by a participating candidate can not exceed $4,350.  Once the candidate submits their 200 $5 qualified contributions and they are approved by he Clean Elections Commission, the candidate receives public funding.

No other funds may be contributed to the campaign once the candidate has received public funding.  The purpose of clean elections is to take money out of the election process.  By prohibiting contributions from corporations, PACs, labor unions or political parties, it is hoped that the process will be more transparent and fair.

You can learn more about the Arizona Clean Elections Commission and its programs at their website.


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