Another Reason to Flip the AZ Senate

Commentary by Bob Karp

The Arizona state senate is at it again.  This time moving to preempt local government on a climate change issue - building codes prohibiting new structures from having natural gas hookups.  Now I don't think I'm ready to go to that extreme yet.  A few cities in California, Massachusetts and Washington state are considering restrictions.  I don't see this as happening anytime soon in Arizona.  However many houses are already "all electric" and that has been around for over 50 years.   Here's what is bothering me:  Senate President Karen Fann said her legislation is a preemptive strike. - as reported by Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services - Feb 4, 2020.

There is too much overreach by Republicans in the state legislature.  Too many times our legislators solve a problem that doesn't seem to exist quite yet, often professing concern about what COULD happen while taking the side of lobbying groups and industry voices.  I have stated previously that I support local control of building and zoning codes.  I understand that big issues such as climate change will ultimately need to be addressed at the state level, but we don't need "preemptive strikes".

What really got me is the discussion of climate change that was part of the debate and I quote, from the same article, our LD14 State Senator, David Gowan "“In the ‘70s we were saying ‘global cooling,’ through the ‘80s, ‘90s we were saying ‘global warming,’ ‘’ he said. “But neither one were right so now we say ‘climate change.’ ‘’

Also heard on this subject Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-“There are many people that do not believe in man-caused climate change and in the fear tactics that have been put out there that is driving us to go away from things that are necessary to keep our economy strong,’’ 

This is another reason to "Flip the Arizona Senate" in 2020.

I believe in climate change.  I believe the first step is to at least acknowledge that it is really happening!

Read more about this here.

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