Another Power Grab by Arizona State Legislature

Arizona State Senate & State House Again Propose to Preempt Local Government Control

As reported by "AZ Mirror" on 2/10/2020 "Senate Bill 1222 and House Bill 2686 would prohibit municipalities and counties from denying a utility a permit, even for safety or public health reasons. The legislation is written so broadly that it would outlaw a locality’s ability to adopt or amend ordinances or implement other measures that would allow for community oversight."

Read more about this here.

Commentary by Bob Karp

This continues the Republican legislature's interference with local government's ability to make regulations about their community.  The Republican majorities are emboldened to reward political ideology as well as special interests with expansion of exemptions from oversight or even local ordinances.

I have stated several times previously that I will not support legislation that preempts local government building and zoning codes, and now safety regulations as well as non discrimination ordinances.  It is time for the state to back off!

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