It’s Time For Pressure – Support An Increase in the AZ Gas Tax

HB 2899, an 18 cent increase in the Arizona gas tax over 3 years, is making its way through the state house.  Virtually all Democrats are supporting the bill.  Republicans are more mixed on the issue.  According to the many Republicans have a variety of objections to the tax increase, from indicating there is no need based on the $1 billion budget surplus,  "too much government", "do roads really need repairs."  Some object to an inflation adjustment of the tax each year after the third year.  Others want the decision passed on to the voters in the form of a referendum.

A few Republicans from rural districts are pushing forward with support.

I have indicated my support for this bill previously and detailed my thoughts on the issue. has an update on the status of the bill as of 2/28/2020.

Commentary by Bob Karp

Our LD14 state senator and two representatives have in the past followed the Republican party orthodoxy on opposing any new taxes.  Rural Arizona needs funds to repair deteriorating roads and bridges in our districts.  It is a public safety issue as well as an economic concern.  New businesses will not relocate to the rural part of southeastern Arizona when they see inadequately repaired and maintained infrastructure.

I am opposed to putting the tax increase on the ballot.  We have elected these people to make the hard decisions in the best interests of the people they represent.  Stop passing the buck and govern.

Now is the time to first get our elected officials on the record for this issue, and if necessary apply some pressure by letting them know that their continued opposition to raising gas taxes is hurting the people they represent.

Contact them today!

Rep.  Becky Nutt -  Room 207(602) 926-4852
Rep.  Gail Griffin -  Room 225(602) 926-5895
Sen. David Gowan -  Room 200(602) 926-5154

Also let Governor Ducey know.

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