Now AZ Needs a Lieutenant Governor?

HCR 2020 would ask the Arizona voters to create the office of Lieutenant Governor.  The candidate for lieutenant governor would be nominated by the gubernatorial candidate AFTER the primary.  Then the two would run as a single ticket in the general election. Rep. Nutt is concerned about “consistency” if the governor either leaves office or […]

This is what our state legislature does

The Arizona House of Representatives faces many important issues during the current legislative session: the water crisis (yes there really is a water crisis), under-funding of public education, crumbling infrastructure throughout the state, criminal justice reform issues.  Yet the Republican majority seems to think that the public needs to be protected from transgender athletes competing […]

Down Ballot Candidates Need Love Too

Here’s a great opinion piece about the dilemma for Democrats who are not enthusiastic about the eventual presidential nominee.  There are other candidates you can support!  Many of them are “down ballot” races that could have a major impact on local government. Here in southeastern Arizona the Republican Party has an a vice grip on […]