Down Ballot Candidates Need Love Too

Here's a great opinion piece about the dilemma for Democrats who are not enthusiastic about the eventual presidential nominee.  There are other candidates you can support!  Many of them are "down ballot" races that could have a major impact on local government.

Here in southeastern Arizona the Republican Party has an a vice grip on state and local offices.  In LD14 Republicans have held the state senate and house seats for 10 plus years only giving up one seat to Democrat Pat Fleming over 10 years ago   The Cochise county board of supervisors has had only one Democrat sitting on the board, Anne English in over a decade.  The Sierra Vista City Council is dominated by Republicans with no registered Democrat currently sitting on the nonpartisan council.  The Willcox, AZ city council, Safford and Thatcher City Councils have majority registered Republican office-holders.

Local candidates such as myself, Kim Beach-Moschetti (running in the Democratic Party primary for state representative) need your help to #FlipTheAZSenate and #FlipTheAZHouse to get new voices and new leadership for southeastern Arizona.  You can also help Ryan Shead running for Sierra Vista city council.

Read the opinion piece here.

For Kim and myself the number one thing you can do today is donate a $5 qualifying contribution for "clean elections" public financing of our campaigns.  If you have an Arizona driver's license and are a registered voter of ANY party, in LD14 (Cochise, Graham, Greenlee counties or the Vail area of Pima county, you can make the contribution on line by clicking the button below.  It takes less than 3 minutes.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION!


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