Now AZ Needs a Lieutenant Governor?

Hypocrisy 101

HCR 2020 would ask the Arizona voters to create the office of Lieutenant Governor.  The candidate for lieutenant governor would be nominated by the gubernatorial candidate AFTER the primary.  Then the two would run as a single ticket in the general election.

Rep. Nutt is concerned about "consistency" if the governor either leaves office or is unable to perform duties of office,  the secretary of state would assume the governorship.  It has happened three times in the states 108 year history.  Most recently when Gov. Janet Napolitano, a Democrat was succeeded by Republican Jan Brewer in 2009 when Napolitano joined President Obama's cabinet.

So why are house Republicans wanting to add some bureaucracy to state government?  It's rather obvious.  The Arizona secretary of state is a Democrat.  Republicans didn't seem to have a problem with the inconsistency when Jan Brewer took over.  But apparently, they do now.  This idea has been voted down twice before in 1994 and rather recently in 2010.

The March 10, 2020 Herald/Review calls Nutt's proposal "needless."  That really sums it up.

You can read the entire editorial "An Offensive Proposal" here.

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