Arizona Election Officials Want an All-mail 2020 Election Option

Every Arizona County Election Official Want an All-mail 2020 Election - Why Don't Arizona Republicans?

The people that know the most about running elections in Arizona have now spoken.  They are urging that "...the rest of the elections in 2020 are accurate, secure and safe for voters..." - Arizona Republic Opinion 4/8/2020 by Virginia Ross and Lisa Marra, Virginia Ross is the Pinal County recorder and president of the Arizona Recorders Association. Lisa M. Marra is the Cochise County elections director and president of the Elections Officials of Arizona. Both are membership organizations made up of election directors and county recorders from all 15 Arizona counties.

Read their op ed here at


Commentary by Bob Karp

April 8, 2020:  Yesterday's Wisconsin primary debacle, punctuated with blame on all sides including a rather hard to understand US Supreme Court ruling, raises the stakes for making sure the remainder of the 2020 election cycle provides a safe, secure, and fair access to voting for ALL VOTERS.  Voters decided to defy a "stay-at-home" order from the Wisconsin state government in order to exercise their right and obligation to vote!  What resulted was long lines and unneeded risk to health.

Republicans throughout the country, including Arizona continue to come down on the wrong side of making it easier to vote.  President Trump said out loud what many Republicans believe (although I think quite inaccurately).  I'm not quoting exactly here, this has been reported in several places as a tweet by the president on 4/8/2020:

"Republicans should fight very hard when it comes to state wide mail-in voting. Democrats are clamoring for it. Tremendous potential for voter fraud, and for whatever reason, doesn't work out well for Republicans.Bold and color is mine for emphasis.

No one really thinks there is a lot of fraud in voting by mail.  There isn't much election fraud to begin with.  But what the president and Republicans believe is that the more people that vote, the worse that is for Republicans!

Up to now I haven't been sounding the alarm about voter suppression.  In fact, Arizona is one of the "good guys" states that has encouraged Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) without demanding any more than the registered voter filling out a form and returning it to their county elections office.  Because of the pandemic, it is imperative that we make voting in our elections safe for all voters, as well as those who conduct the election.

Republicans at the state level are resisting all-mail elections for the remainder of the 2020 election cycle.  Read more about Arizona Republican Representative Shawnna LM Bolick op ed piece against voting by mail on this site.  You can judge for yourself if her arguments are persuasive.

I support having the Arizona primary election and the general election be an all mail-in ballot election. The state needs to plan to conduct the next two statewide elections as all mail-in. We need to get all our elected officials to support this. Contact State Senator David Gowan  (, State Representatives Gail Griffin ( and Becky Nutt ( and ask them to go on the record TODAY supporting all mail-in voting.

Accept NO EXCUSES. Protect everyone's right to vote in a safe and secure environment. #AZVOTEBYMAIL2020

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