A “Good Thing” – GOP Loses AZ Senate and/or House

From the Herald/Review Opinion May 10, 2020 (Final four paragraphs)

"Republicans have held a majority in the House and  Senate since 1966.  While the odds favor the GOP maintaining that advantage at this writing, the margin is closer today than it has been in the past.  In the Senate, Republicans hold a 17 to 13 majority.  In the House, the GOP has a 31 to 29 advantage.

"If Democrats re-elect their existing seats and gain two in the House and three in the Senate, the Republican majority is gone.  Even if Democrats win the Senate, but not the House, we would see dramatic changes in the kinds of legislation being considered in Arizona's Legislature.

"We see this as a good thing.   Instead of a party-driven agenda that abuses the advantage of a clear majority, our politicians in Phoenix will have to work together to craft legislation that works for both parties.

"That should benefit all of Arizona and its citizens."

Commentary by Bob Karp

The Arizona GOP has controlled the state lower chamber for 50 plus years and the state Senate for 27 years.  Check out the graphic representation of this here.)  Long-term one-party dominance leads to excesses, bad laws, and partisan warfare.  It is time to #FlipTheAZSenate and #FlipTheAZHouse.  A new Arizona majority is about to emerge that focuses on what is important: investment in education, healthcare and infrastructure that will build a modern economy for EVERYONE in Arizona, not just corporate interests in Phoenix.  Today's challenges require new leadership.

It only takes two more - support Kim Moschetti running for state Representative in LD14.

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