Douglas Still Waits for Port of Entry Expansion

Another city gets a Port of Entry Upgrade

Photo by Luis Espinoza, Jr. Dec 2018

At the beginning of the year I wrote about the Douglas Arizona port of entry (POE) being overlooked, again, for funding for an expansion that would bring more jobs and economic activity to the southeastern part of the state.  Yuma POE got $152 million for the project.  Douglas was still being "studied."

Now the 6/9/2020 Herald/Review reports that Columbus, New Mexico just completed an $85.6 million port which replaced a customs building dating back to 1989.  Their port handles about one third the pedestrian and truck traffic the Douglas currently processes.  I'm not going after Columbus, New Mexico - I am, in the words of the Herald/Review "outraged."

My outrage isn't so much about the lack of federal dollars for this project, it is for the lack of concern, and complete and utter silence from various elected officials that represent this area.  Senator McSally did push this project when she represented this area in the U.S. House of Representatives, getting Douglas on a "five-year-plan."  Six years ago.  Not much has been said since.

I don't expect much from our local state officials, David Gowan, Becky Nutt and Gail Griffin.   They have shown little continuing interest in this issue.  I'm also calling out our Democrat friends: Representative Anne Kirkpatrick, Senator Kyrsten Sinema as well as other members of the congressional delegation.  Mark Kelly - get down to Douglas and get familiar with the need for port expansion.

I wrote in January of this year:  Our LD14 officials as well as federal office holders make noises about supporting the Douglas port - but they don't make it a priority.  I will!

Read my original post to get more background information on the need for Douglas POE expansion and how it will bring jobs to southeastern Arizona.


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