Arizona AG Attempts to Control Tucson Election Calendar Using Interesting Argument

Commentary by Bob Karp

According to the Capitol Times, the Arizona Deputy Attorney General is going to sue Tucson to repeal its odd-year election schedule.  That's not the most interesting thing about this.  Rather it is the argument being used:

Linley Wilson, the state’s deputy solicitor general, who works for [Arizona Attorney General] Brnovich, pointed out the latest bid by the Republican-controlled legislature to rein in Tucson and other charter cities has verbiage saying that increasing voter turnout through consolidated elections “is a matter of statewide concern.

“The state has an interest in protecting the right to vote of its citizens by ensuring that cities encourage voter turnout through the alignment of election dates.”

Capitol Times - July 18, 2020  (bold for emphasis was added)

So, the state government believes that there is a "statewide concern" to encourage voter turnout when it comes to scheduling elections, but not encouraging voting by mail during a pandemic.

There seems to be a bit of irony here.

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