I Support Mail-in Voting. Does David Gowan?

Commentary by Bob Karp

Today is August 4, 2020, primary election day here in Arizona which is a good moment for me to be unequivocal in my support for mail-in voting.  For several months President Trump has challenged the idea of mail-in voting, claiming falsely that the process creates fraudulent election results.  In the last week or so he as escalated his attacks indicating that the November general election will be "... the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history."  Many Republicans have either remained silent, or agreed with the president.  Arizona has a tradition of voting by mail, allowing voters to simply request a mail-in ballot or be put on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) without restrictions.  We have had decades of elections where the vote and results have never been tainted with fraud.

So the question is, what are Arizona elected Republicans saying about mail-in voting?

EJ Montini, of the Arizona Republic in an 7/30/2020 opinion piece asks the question :  "Every Republican who has been elected in Arizona for as long as most of us can remember has been elected, largely, by way of a mail-in vote.  Either they believe in the legitimacy of the Democratic process or they do not."

And he has a simple answer:

"So if you are an elected official in Arizona – if you are Gov. Doug Ducey or Attorney General Mark Brnovich, or members of Congress like Andy Biggs and Debbie Lesko, or any of the others – you should either condemn Trump’s lies about mail-in voting or resign."

Here is my question:  I support mail-in voting, not just here in Arizona, but nationwide.  State Senator David Gowan, State Representatives Becky Nutt & Gail Griffin, are you willing to call out the president on his lies?

Read the entire opinion piece at AZCentral.com

Read another opinion piece by the same writer - Arizona Republic - Will Gov. Doug Ducey take the opportunity to call out Donald Trump’s mail-in voting lies?

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