David Gowan defends Trump and ignores LD14 issues

Reply by Bob Karp to Gowan's Herald/Review 8/12/2020 Op-Ed

In the 8/12/2020 Herald/Review, David Gowan attacked Joe Biden's record on law enforcement while defending President Trump as the "Clear Choice in November."  I have attempted to stay away from the national campaign for president, however Gowan's clumsy and dishonest attempt to characterize Biden's record only showed that Gowan seems to be more focused on Trump than on the issues facing his legislative district.

(As a bit of political irony, this poorly executed attack came on the day that U.S. Senator Kamala Harris makes her first appearance as the Vice Presidential nominee on the Biden/Harris ticket.)

Below is my response:

Senator David Gowan, who currently represents legislative district 14, wrote an opinion piece attacking Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden on law enforcement issues using distortions, outright lies, and disingenuous arguments to defend President Trump.

Gowan has had ample opportunity to write about issues that truly matter to the people of his district:  a water availability crisis, a public school system that is regularly rated at or near the bottom of all states, crumbling roads and bridges, a rural healthcare system that faces financial ruin, thousands of his constituents out of work and only able to get $240 per week in unemployment insurance, as well as a stagnant economy that isn’t producing jobs in rural southeast Arizona.

Senator Gowan might want to look at his own record on support of law enforcement in his district.  His appointee to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) board which oversees the pension system for first responders and other public safety personnel throughout the state is now suing the state because the chair of the board publicly questioned Gowan’s appointee’s ethics regarding real estate transactions with employees of the retirement system.  All the while PSPRS has been plagued with subpar investments and bad management that has cost cities in LD14 millions of additional dollars in pension contributions.

Has Gowan spoken out on any of this?

Not a word.  Instead he spends his time politicking for a presidential campaign.  It seems fair to ask where David Gowan’s interests really are.


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