WARNING: Another way to take money away from Arizona public schools

The latest method to siphon money away from public schools in Arizona is the "microschool" fondly called "the uber concept of schooling" by it's corporate entity parent Prenda.  These so-called schools, which have shot up in popularity since the pandemic, have no teachers - licensed or otherwise.  Instead "guides" who are basically, untrained sitters, watch while students use online courses from non-accredited sources.

By clever manipulation, and in some cases, with the cooperation of a public school district and for-profit charter schools, Prenda has been able to get their hands on taxpayer funds for nothing more than providing a substandard education system.  So far, according to research by the Arizona Republic, Prenda has received as much as $19 million as an "education service provider" who is not licensed or overseen by the Arizona State Board of Education.

The growth of these microschools in Arizona is staggering.  In 2019 Prenda listed 80 such sites, now Prenda's website lists 317 microschools in Arizona.

Let's remember that this is a pure for-profit play by a corporation that is getting public school dollars, in collusion with for-profit charter schools who take a hefty chunk off the top for basically only enrolling students so they can get state funds, and the passing the rest off to a company that pays basic minimum wage and lets students sit in someone's home to learn.

Parents, should certainly have the power to make decisions for their own children, but this scam is unregulated and not providing the best education choices for Arizona students.

This could be coming to your school district soon!  Pay attention.

Read the entire Arizona Republic article here.

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  1. I checked into them. First, no educational requirements for teachers, The teacher must find their own place and students. They pay $3.00 an hour for 1 student. You can have max of 10 students. Hours are from 8 -12 Monday thru friday.
    Don’t know about benefits.

    • These people are not teachers. They are not credentialed nor licensed. They are called “guides”, but are nothing more than untrained sitters. This is not an educational system. It is a for-profit scam to get taxpayer dollars into the hands of corporate interests. Arizona students are being hurt by this system.

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