It is time for a change!

Republicans have controlled the Arizona legislature for over 40 years.  Now, more than ever, it is time for change.

Time to stop the divisive culture war and embrace the diversity of opinion and groups Arizona citizens represent.  Yes, I mean all viewpoints from all groups - not just those that agree with my political philosophy.

How to we do that?  By pledging bipartisanship, cooperation and civility in our politics and government.  I pledge to always respect the wide-range of ideas and opinion and promise to govern with the intent to do the best for all the people of my district and the state.

Why Bob Karp for State Senate

We should stop arguing and start agreeing.  Looking to build a future that will bring a better life for all the people of Arizona.  Not trying to "win", rather create real solutions that solve a problem.

Let's figure out what it means to fight for good paying jobs.  To me it means understanding that the rural counties of southeast Arizona have been overlooked by Phoenix state leadership when it comes to economic growth and opportunity.  Too often state leaders brag about all the jobs that have been created.  Yet they are silent on projections for job growth in Cochise county over the next 10 years that average 28 new jobs per year!

Read my five-point plan for economic growth in rural southeast Arizona.

Supporting education should mean supporting PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION.  95% of all Arizona school children attend public schools.  Public education is the best investment that we as citizens can make in the future of our children and Arizona.  A well-educated workforce is the key to economic growth and success, and with a real economic plan, can insure that families will have the option to stay together in rural southeast Arizona if the choose.