Flip the Arizona State Senate (and the House Too)

The Democratic Party has not controlled the Arizona Senate in over 25 years, (they shared control in 2001 & 2002).  They have not had a majority the Arizona House in over 50 years!  Now there is a real opportunity to gain control of one or both chambers of the state legislature.  After significant gains in the 2018 election, Democrats control 13 of 17 seats in the Senate and 29 of 60 seats in the house.  Changing control in the Arizona state house takes only two seat gains.  In the senate three will give the Democrats a majority.  See a graphic about this here.

What does this do on a policy level?  It allows the Democrats to have input in the budget, helping set spending priorities for education, infrastructure, children's healthcare, environmental protection, state employee salaries, prisons, and pension reform.  Control of either chamber will stop the most extreme Republican proposals from getting real traction.

AZ State Legislature Target of Flip Everything DLCC Campaign

The national Democratic Party has finally acknowledged that it is “possible” to get a majority in one or both houses of the Arizona state legislature.  It looks like they are willing to put some money behind the effort.  This is good news.  There are other groups also interested in working for electoral changes in Arizona.  […]