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Gowan gets award for bringing jobs to – Phoenix!

On November 4, 2020 there will a celebration of state legislators “…for their support of technology and STEM education at the virtual Governor’s Celebration of Innovation “. State Senator David Gowan will be honored as “Outstanding Technology Senator of the Year”.  Why?  According to the press release: “Sen. David Gowan was largely responsible for shepherding […]

The Choice is Clear

The incumbents who represent Arizona legislative district 14 have run as the “LD14Team”.  Before you vote, consider the difference between them and myself and Kim Moschetti. We should expect better from our elected leaders.  Kim and I each have our own ideas and approach to governing but we do agree that it is time for […]

Willcox Basin Water Crisis Needs Leadership – Now!

“Agriculture exploded there over the past few decades. And, with no limit on pumping water, Cochise County will continue to have the most dramatic land subsidence in the state.” Joe Cook, Arizona Geological Survey The residents in the Willcox, AZ Basin have been alarmed by the precipitous drop in the groundwater levels in the areas of […]

David Gowan defends Trump and ignores LD14 issues

In the 8/12/2020 Herald/Review, David Gowan attacked Joe Biden’s record on law enforcement while defending President Trump as the “Clear Choice in November.”  I have attempted to stay away from the national campaign for president, however Gowan’s clumsy and dishonest attempt to characterize Biden’s record only showed that Gowan seems to be more focused on […]

I Support Mail-in Voting. Does David Gowan?

Today is August 4, 2020, primary election day here in Arizona which is a good moment for me to be unequivocal in my support for mail-in voting.  For several months President Trump has challenged the idea of mail-in voting, claiming falsely that the process creates fraudulent election results.  In the last week or so he […]

Arizona AG Attempts to Control Tucson Election Calendar Using Interesting Argument

According to the Capitol Times, the Arizona Deputy Attorney General is going to sue Tucson to repeal its odd-year election schedule.  That’s not the most interesting thing about this.  Rather it is the argument being used: Linley Wilson, the state’s deputy solicitor general, who works for [Arizona Attorney General] Brnovich, pointed out the latest bid […]

Groundwater Crisis in Southeast Arizona

Yesterday in the Rose Garden, President Trump talked about a lot of things including dishwashers, and the abundance of water “in most places”. “We made it so dishwashers now have a lot more water and in many places — in most places of the country, water’s not a problem, they don’t know what to do […]

Meet the LD14 Candidates (But not the Republicans)

Bob Karp, Democratic Party candidate for the Arizona State Senate, and Kim Mochetti, Democratic  Party candidate for the State House in legislative district join Luige del Puerto for a Q & A about their campaigns for the Arizona state legislature. A 15 minute conversation with Luige del Puerto, Associate Publisher & Editor – Arizona Capitol […]

Ducey Stiffs Small Cities & Rural Counties

This is a complicated story with lots of numbers.  The short answer is that Governor Ducey did not use the funding formula that was recommended in the federal CARES Act passed into law in March of this year.  Larger cities and counties, in Arizona this included Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson got direct funding from the […]

A Good Idea: Community Colleges offer 4 Year Degrees

Since my first run for Arizona state legislature in 2018 I have championed the idea of lowering the cost of college for Arizona students.  One of the ideas I explored was free 2 year community college for students in rural counties that graduated from high school in that county.  I believe that a variety of […]