A Partial List of Bob Karp's Priorities if Elected to Arizona State Senate

  • Provide first class PUBLIC schools for all Arizona children
  • Lower the cost of college
  • Invest in rural communities' infrastructure
  • Create sustainable economic growth that results in good jobs & paychecks for workers in rural Arizona while protecting the environment
  • Protect water resources throughout Arizona
  • Formulate and pass sensible, effective gun control legislation that makes us safer
  • Expand affordable comprehensive healthcare for all residents in Arizona
  • Reverse tax breaks & credits for special interests.
  • Stop state interference with local government


Groundwater Crisis in Southeast Arizona

Yesterday in the Rose Garden, President Trump talked about a lot of things including dishwashers, and the abundance of water “in most places”. “We made it so dishwashers now have a lot more water and in many places — in most places of the country, water’s not a problem, they don’t know what to do […]

Meet the LD14 Candidates (But not the Republicans)

Bob Karp, Democratic Party candidate for the Arizona State Senate, and Kim Mochetti, Democratic  Party candidate for the State House in legislative district join Luige del Puerto for a Q & A about their campaigns for the Arizona state legislature. A 15 minute conversation with Luige del Puerto, Associate Publisher & Editor – Arizona Capitol […]

Ducey Stiffs Small Cities & Rural Counties

This is a complicated story with lots of numbers.  The short answer is that Governor Ducey did not use the funding formula that was recommended in the federal CARES Act passed into law in March of this year.  Larger cities and counties, in Arizona this included Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson got direct funding from the […]

Reform Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS)

Small cities throughout Arizona continue to struggle to make minimum pension payments, required by law, to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).  As reported in the 6/7/2020 Herald Review, Bisbee faces a just under $1.5 million payment into the retirement fund this year.  Bisbee Mayor David Smith says PSPRS is “drastically under performing.” Various […]

A Good Idea: Community Colleges offer 4 Year Degrees

Since my first run for Arizona state legislature in 2018 I have championed the idea of lowering the cost of college for Arizona students.  One of the ideas I explored was free 2 year community college for students in rural counties that graduated from high school in that county.  I believe that a variety of […]

Douglas Still Waits for Port of Entry Expansion

At the beginning of the year I wrote about the Douglas Arizona port of entry (POE) being overlooked, again, for funding for an expansion that would bring more jobs and economic activity to the southeastern part of the state.  Yuma POE got $152 million for the project.  Douglas was still being “studied.” Now the 6/9/2020 […]

GOP Needs to Get Real: 2020-2021 Budget is the Only Thing

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as of April 24, 2020 the Arizona state legislature current session is in temporary adjournment, with only a “skinny budget” passed and a few other bills.  This past week the Republican leaders of the state senate and house, with the approval of the Democratic leaders, agreed that both houses […]

Now AZ Needs a Lieutenant Governor?

HCR 2020 would ask the Arizona voters to create the office of Lieutenant Governor.  The candidate for lieutenant governor would be nominated by the gubernatorial candidate AFTER the primary.  Then the two would run as a single ticket in the general election. Rep. Nutt is concerned about “consistency” if the governor either leaves office or […]

It’s Time For Pressure – Support An Increase in the AZ Gas Tax

HB 2899, an 18 cent increase in the Arizona gas tax over 3 years, is making its way through the state house.  Virtually all Democrats are supporting the bill.  Republicans are more mixed on the issue.  According to the many Republicans have a variety of objections to the tax increase, from indicating there is […]

I Support HB 2899 – Increase in Gas Tax

The last time the Arizona gas tax was increased was in 1991!  While in the last two decades the number of people living in the state and the number of “lane miles” has increased dramatically as well as miles per gallon efficiency, nothing has been done to increase revenues for the improvement and maintenance of […]